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What is the level pay range for a physical therapy assistant?

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A frequently asked question is, “how much is the average salary for a physical therapist assistant?” This is an excellent question. In general, the national average salary of a physical therapy assistant is $46,026. However, this is the median average for many physical therapy assistants who were surveyed. Moreover, this answer depends on a myriad of factors that must be examined before this question can be answered in full detail. What are these factors? Let’s look at these circumstances below.

A physical therapy assistant’s income can be affected by the specialization or lack thereof. A physical therapy assistant with an area of specialization may increase their earning power. Examples of specialization include CPR certification, types of life support, and massage therapy. It is recommended to obtain a specialization(s) to increase a physical therapy assistant’s ability to earn money. These specializations can substantially increase earning power and may allow the physical therapy assistant to have access to a greater variety of employers.
Experience may also garner higher pay rates. A physical therapy assistant with experience will get more money than a beginner. This means a person with a specialization and experience will stand a better chance of not only getting a job but also making more money for the same job.

Highest Salaries for PTA

The highest paid physical therapy assistant makes about sixty thousand dollars a year while the lowest paid physical therapy assistant makes about $30,000 a year. This is half the salary of the highest paid physical therapy assistant. This demonstrates the earning capacity of specialization and experience in the physical therapy assistance field. A physical therapy assistant with greater amounts experience and specializations will earn more than a physical therapy assistant who has none.

The state of the physical therapy assistant may also affect the amount of pay. For example, Texas, California, and Nevada currently field some of the highest paid assistants while West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma have some of the lowest paid assistants. The difference between a highly paid assistant in Texas (around $60,000 a year) and the lowest paid physical therapy assistant in Oklahoma (around $43,000) is $17,000 dollars a year.

One last point to mention is that the employer also affects pay scale. The highest paid physical therapy assistants are usually paid by home health service facilities. The second best place for physical therapy assistants is nursing facilities. Those who work for hospitals earn forty seven thousand a year annually (as a median salary). The lowest paid are usually found working for physician offices.

In conclusion, the average salary of physical therapy assistant is $46,026 a year. This income can be affected by experience and further specialization. Another factor that can play a crucial role in salary is where the physical therapy assistant works. In order of payment, the places that pay the most for a physical therapy assistant are as follows: home health services facilities, nursing facilities, hospitals, and physician offices. The state which the physical therapy assistant resides also affects salary. Texas, Nevada, and California tend to pay more while West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma pay less for their physical therapy assistants. The average physical therapy assistant can expect to earn around $40,000 a year.